Gardner Bender Compressed Air Duster


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Model # GCD-001 Store SKU # 1001012429

This 8oz can of compressed air contains a safe propellant, Difluoroethane, which is ideal for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Designed for use in situations where the surface to be cleaned reacts negatively to traditional liquid based cleansers or where the space to be cleaned is difficult to access. Applications include clearing dust and other debris from computer equipment, keyboards, circuit boards, non-energized machinery, switches, auto detailing and any number of other applications. Propellant is delivered with enough force to clean the surface without damaging surrounding equipment. Completely safe for the ozone and made in the USA. Contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse.

  1. Removes dust and debris without damaging sensitive equipment
  1. Delivers a burst of 100 percent Ozone Safe propellant
  1. Ideal for cleaning in small or difficult to reach spaces


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